Backyard Bonding: Make Your Kids’ Backyard Obstacle Course

Parents always want to cherish the moments of their toddlers being “kids.” Also, they love the silly hours they spend with them by playing games or doing art together. Another way to forge a strong bond with the family is to make an obstacle course for kids.

Create memories in the safety of your home through this guide on how to make a backyard obstacle course.

How To Make A Simple Kids’ Obstacle Course In Your Backyard

An obstacle course is a great bonding activity, and it will also engage your kids physically and mentally. Every stage in this journey is an amazing opportunity for connecting. Here are things you need to consider if you decide to build an amazing outdoor experience for your kids.

1. Pick a Theme

You can do a DIY obstacle course in the backyard for your children. This way, you let your kids decide on a theme they want. Similarly, you can tap into their creativity and go from there.

Spies, princesses, knights, or dragons — let their imaginations go wild! Ensure to encourage them to think outside the box to make this step even more productive and engaging.

For a simple starting course, check out the Deluxe Wooden Swingset with Covered Canopy

 from Buffalo Backyard Store. It is roomy and packed with activities like a obstacle course.   

2. Ensure You Have Space

Putting the obstacle course in the backyard is a good spot because you can enjoy privacy with your kids. Please look at the plan and carefully measure the area to allow a significant space for it. Also, draw your map to figure out the placement of the obstacles and trials.

Just always check that the area you select does not block entrances and exits for safety reasons.

Kids’ Obstacle in backyard

3. Plan Out the Obstacles

Make sure the obstacles you choose fit your child’s capabilities and highlight their strengths. Set up a simple kids obstacle course in the backyard, but it can still be a challenge. It is your turn to be creative and imaginative here! Think of ways to tell a story or theme through a common playground.

Backyard toys like bounce houses with splash pool and slides are good basic outdoor courses for kids.

4. Map It All Out

Grab a piece of paper and create a layout for the space you chose. Again, the obstacles need to be properly spaced out. It should be large enough to make it physically engaging while giving your children room to move and think.

Also, you can add decorations or props that you plan to use to make your obstacle course even more immersive!

5. Clear the Space

A clean place is a safe space. Get rid of rocks, pebbles, and other loose and hard objects on the ground. It is also a plus if you place rubber safety mats and the like for extra protection. If your kids trip or tumble, you won’t have to worry about them getting hurt. Clear the area of any vines or wild vegetation because these may get in the way of the obstacle course.

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6. Get to Work!

Place the obstacles that you chose according to your sketch. Your kids can participate in this process by letting them help make trinkets and other stuff for the obstacle course. Also, it is important to place markers to help guide your children through the maze.

backyard bonding

Be Safe, Then Have Fun!

Buffalobackyard believes that safety is the best prerequisite for fun. A DIY backyard obstacle course is a top choice for having fun in the new normal. Also, feel free to add trampolines to the obstacle course to make it more fun! Ensure your kids’ excitement and security by having it right in your own home.

Aside from having a good location, you need to get quality obstacle courses that can last long. Guaranteeing your children’s safety is the only way that you and your kids can have fun to the max.