Backyard Gazebo / Pergola Decorating Ideas and Outdoor Living

Choosing the best backyard gazebo decorating ideas can be tough, especially if you're not sure how to start. Decorating a gazebo is not all that different from designing your home’s interior. However, there are some considerations when decorating an outdoor space because the furnishings will be exposed to more wear and tear than indoors.

Today, we will share our list of outdoor gazebo decorating ideas to breathe new life into any outdoor space. 

How To Decorate A Gazebo

backyard gazebo decorating ideas


1. Decorate According to Your House Style

A gazebo is an outdoor retreat that provides a nice place to relax and enjoy nature. Decorating your backyard gazebo should reflect the style of both the home, as well as those around it. If you live in a rural area, plant flowers near waist level for easy viewing without having any plants blocking views from inside out.

If you live closer to suburban areas with higher fences, choose Clematis vines so they can grow over the top without blocking the view! Plus, hanging swings would have stopped outside ideas when swinging back and forth.

2. Consider Lighting

A backyard gazebo could be designed with Christmas lights and some mosquito-repelling plants. Add to the light setting for the rest of the year without having an electrician involved and risking it getting damaged by rain or snow. Also, you could invest in built-in benches and other seating arrangements like loungers or rockers that can serve as decoration!

3. Look for Different Ideas 

Check out different backyard gazebo decorating ideas. You can get lawn furniture, plants, and an area to use for grilling. Add throw pillows, blankets, stools, or small tables to make the space cozier! Consider a themed party with lights such as candles and camping lanterns that will create ambiance in this outdoor oasis you started from scratch!

Outdoor Gazebo Ideas Creating a Unique Outdoor Space

backyard gazebo decorating ideas


1. Transform your Patio or Deck with a Gazebo

Are you tired of your backyard looking boring? An outdoor gazebo decor could be the way to transform it into a cozy space. Whether you are just adding a few small changes or completely remodeling, they will make any area seem more welcoming and inviting. 

You can use them as an outdoor sitting area for entertaining guests, reading in solitude, picking out flowers with friends while enjoying the warm sun rays year-round.

2. Pool Area with Gazebo

Another portable gazebo idea is to set it up by the pool and utilize it as a cabana. The gazebo curtains can be drawn closed for changing in and out of swimsuits, or it could serve as an area to set up lounge chairs. With that, you don't have to go back and forth between your barbeque pit and poolside. Also, you could enjoy, without worrying about getting sunburned. 

A personal-use mini bar is also a nice feature that will allow guests easy access during parties when they get thirsty from swimming!

3. California Chic Design

If you want backyard gazebo decorating ideas that offer a natural look, then try following the California chic design. You can decorate with recycled and reclaimed materials like hemp or jute fabric to create an organic feel in your home. Also, include backyard gazebo decorating ideas for more of an outdoorsy vibe!

The first step to follow this style includes furniture made from cotton or linen instead of polyester fabrics which take hundreds of gallons per yard just for production alone. 

4. Indonesian Bali Look 

The Bali look is back, and it's time to get creative! Whether you're looking for a way to spruce up your backyard or need an idea about decorating a pergola for summer, these tips will help you:

Swap out those typical garden chairs that have been gathering dust in your garage with some weatherproof furniture like wicker loveseats perfect for lounging on all day long. Follow this trend by adding palm trees, ferns, jasmine plants, or ornamental ginger as gazebo décor. This fits right alongside our current aesthetic and adds personality while filling space at the same time!

5. Rustic Style with Gazebo

You've been working hard all year, and it's time to relax. Imagine a home away from home with the rustic look in your backyard gazebo. Picture yourself relaxing by one of our fire pits fueled by propane or natural gas. You'll be sitting on an Adirondack chair made out of reclaimed materials, which give off more character than any patio furniture could ever do!

The rustic look is perfect for those who want their outdoor space to have some personality. Whether you're looking at something as simple as cinder blocks painted white and stacked into a table next to lawn chairs or adding overgrown plants near stone steps.

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backyard gazebo decorating ideas


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