Tips to Increase Your Home's Value [Backyard Improvements]

You may be interested in increasing your home's value, and today, upgrading outdoor spaces is the way to go. Here we have some great ideas for how to spruce up that backyard of yours! If you're looking for a space just to chill with friends or family after a long day at work, consider turning it into an all-around picnic area. You might as well enjoy dinner on those nights since everyone’s staying in.


This Rectangular Mosaic Tile Slated Steel Fire Pit Table is one of the perfect outdoor companion for warming up or roasting some marshmallows with your friends and family.

The Market for Houses with Outdoor Spaces

Upgrading Your Outdoor Space

Meanwhile, you could also spruce up your house to sell it. A Zen garden can increase a home's value by 1.5 percent and an outdoor kitchen is worth 2.2% more! Building a simple wood-fired brick oven will cost about $1,000. However, Zillow reports that properties with an outdoor pizza oven are worth 3.4% more than expected when sold in 2020. This is according to their survey of over one million houses from last year (2020).


Due to the pandemic, construction companies are receiving a flurry of requests from clients interested in creating more comfortable backyard rooms. However, to protect children from insect bites while staying outside, adding this outdoor canopy pergola should be considered. It can also add to the personality and value of your outdoor yard – making it more elegantly looking. 


In addition, the Double Roof Aluminum and Steel Frame Hardtop Gazebo with Mosquito Net will help to protect your children from insect bites. 


For those with limited outdoor space, upgrading it by having a walk-through patio can help create an entirely new atmosphere in your yard or garden. According to these properties sell for 23-39 percent faster and reach $453,000 in 2021!

Add More Fun to Your Backyard

Upgrading Your Outdoor Space


Building a new deck is an excellent and rewarding investment for your home. A 16 by 20-foot wood deck would cost $17,000 to build but could be sold off for up to $11,000 with the potential return of 65%. If you're in need of some quick cash then this might just be the perfect project! 


There's also less risk that there will ever come a time when contractors are too busy or materials delayed because demand is high. You'll never really have any problems finding help if needed.


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Customers are always drawn to a home with fresh paint, but Dunn-Edwards says the best colors for resale time are trending outdoor hues like sage and brown or deep blues. Colors that should be avoided include orange, bright blue, yellow, and red as these tend not to sell well during this period of time.

Safety should be Prioritized

Upgrading Your Outdoor Space


In reality, the most challenging part of upgrading properties is to decide where to start. As mentioned by Ms. Goldman, it should be a careful process as this project has everything on the line--the property and clients need thoughtful consideration in order for them both to flourish from these upgrades.


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