Backyard Toys Safety Facts You Need To Know

As parents, you want what's best for your kids: the best home, the best pets, and the best childhood they can have. That also includes the backyard. It is one of the best places for you and your kids to have fun. One thing you might want to build is an obstacle course in your backyard. Here’s some safety tips for you to ensure that your children stay safe while having fun with backyard toys.

Backyard Toys Safety Tips

Top-of-Mind Backyard Toys Safety Tips

Backyard toys are fun for kids. But sometimes parents can be too focused on the question "Will my kids like this?" particularly if they’re new to buying cool backyard toys. Keep some of these safety tips and considerations in mind before buying backyard toys for kids

  1. Appropriate for your child's age and developmental stage. 
  2. Free from chipped paint. Paint sometimes contains lead, which may be ingested by accident.
  3. Marked phthalate-free, PVC-free and BPA-free.
  4. Made of non-toxic materials.
  5. Accompanied with safety gear, such as safety mats for your backyard obstacle course.

Common Backyard Toys and How to Use them Safely

swing set

Outdoor Swings

Getting kids safely into the swing can be challenging. Here are some backyard toys safety tips to help lessen the risk of injuries.

  • Kids should never stand or kneel in the swing. While swinging, they should grip on firmly with both hands. When done swinging, they should come to a complete stop before getting off.
  • Children should keep a safe distance from other kids on swings. They should also avoid running or walking in front of or behind moving swings.
  • Swings can only hold one person. Make sure that only one child is using a swing seat at any given time.


Using a seesaw requires cooperation between two kids. This can help your children learn important social skills. So it is perfectly fine to encourage using a seesaw. But, you need to keep the safety tips in mind for this backyard toy. Here are a few to start:

  • Seesaw seats are each designed for one child. Kids playing on the seesaw should have similar weight to keep balance.

  • Kids should always be facing each other, holding on to the seesaw grips tightly. 

  • Teach your kids never to push the ground with their hands and keep their feet to their side.

  • Other kids should stand away and never approach the seesaw while waiting their turn.



Slides are popular backyard toys for toddlers. Be it simple inflatable water slides for kids or giant inflatable slides, make sure to keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Kids should take one step at a time to get to the top and never climb up the sliding board itself.
  • They should slide down one at a time and make sure there is no one at the bottom.
  • Upon reaching the ground, they should move away immediately so other kids can have their turn. 

How To Maintain the Child-Safety of Backyard Toys?

While your children enjoy their backyard toys, you need to ensure these toys are safe for them to use. Always check your toys for damages that may cause undue injury to your children. Quickly repair any damages. But do not force a fix on your backyard toys. Throw them away and buy new ones if it is beyond repair.

Adult Supervision is Irreplaceable

Adults can prevent injury by ensuring children use playground equipment properly. If a kid is injured, an adult should immediately assist the child and administer first aid.

In your backyard obstacle course, an adult should always supervise the children. Keep watch on your children for unforeseen circumstances. Bigger kids prefer to push their boundaries, so an adult must keep them in check.

Be sure the play spaces in your backyard are laid out in a way that an adult can watch the children while they're having fun. If you don't, your kid may get injured. And you'll soon have a "bounce house for sale" sign because your kid is afraid to play on it anymore.