Backyard Water Play

A refreshing plunge in the pool is the best way to beat the heat of a scorching summer day. If you don't have your in-ground pool, don't worry. You can still make waves in your backyard with a bit of innovation. 

Anyone can transform a backyard into a temporary water park with just a few low-cost items. Check out these five items picked by Wirecutter to assist you in creating your backyard water play

Inflatable Pool

Inflatable Pools

Plastic inflatable pools are inexpensive and straightforward to build up and tear down. These pools for kids can vary from modest setups that you discard after one season to semipermanent pools that need more care. Wirecutter suggests opting for portable pools containing 170 gallons or less. These nearly duplicate an above-ground pool's delights. 

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a material that's hard to recycle, makes most of the inflatable pools. Hard plastic pools are a suitable alternative if you want to avoid PVC. However, they might not give as much fun as inflatable pools with slides. Also, solid plastic pools are smaller. It is usually only large enough for a few toddlers rather than the entire family.

Pool Noodles

It's great to rest while leaning on a floating noodle in a wading pool. Wirecutter prefers the 5-piece Wacky Noodles from Fix Find for children. Meanwhile, the pack of six Robelle Big Boss is excellent for the children-at-heart. These are long-lasting choices that will endure several seasons. For more fun, the middle hole is large enough to fill with water. Then, blow into one of the ends to produce a fantastic water-cannon effect.

water gun

Water Guns

A friendly water gun battle adds some pleasant competitiveness to your summer day. The finest water guns can propel water more than 55 feet, and the Stream Machine did just that. Because it does not have a reservoir and drains fast, it is ideal for a pool that allows for quick refilling. 

Consider Nerf's Super Soaker Squall Surge if you want to avoid the pool. It has a pressurized chamber from an air pump, allowing for continuous shooting. Its 16-ounce internal reservoir can keep enough water, so you don't need to fill it frequently. Yet, its stream goes up to around 35 feet. It doesn't carry nearly as much of a soaking punch as the other gun, Stream Machine.

Oscillating Sprinkler

An oscillating sprinkler may serve as a temporary obstacle course for active kids. For such purpose, Melnor's XT4200M oscillating sprinkler is Wirecutter's choice. It provides coverage of around 4,000 square feet. Additionally, it is the simplest to adjust amongst all the sprinklers tested with a robust and stable metal base. Hence, it allows you to adjust the water flow. 

Also, get some water shoes for your child's backyard excursions. Use the lightweight yet durable Keen Stingrays recommended by Wirecutter.

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Whatever you're doing in your garden or yard, it's essential to protect your eyes. A dependable set of goggles works excellent against chlorinated water. Luckily, you have three goggles options. These are the in-eye-socket goggles, fitness and recreation goggles, and mask-style goggles. Fitness and recreation goggles are the top choices for most individuals. Thus, all the selections come from this category.

Aqua Sphere's Kayenne is comfortable goggles for kids and adults. It has a solid seal that reduces fogging and visual distortion. Meanwhile, the Aqua Sphere Kayenne Jr is almost similar except for size. Although the adult pair of Kayennes suited older kids quite well. These goggles can fit various facial shapes. They're an excellent swim accessory for your summer afternoon.

Therefore, if you are running out of ideas this inflatable bounce house with slide and splash pool can help you with your backyard water play.