Best 5 Backyard Water Toys Kids Loves to Play With

Kids are like little sponges - they soak up everything around them. Now, it’s another better place to learn in the backyard. Here are five backyard water toys that will keep your kids entertained for hours!

Many parents have found that their kids’ summer is not complete without backyard summer toys and activities. So, turn your pool into a swimming park or more with these fun accessories for children ages 2-12. Besides, you no longer need to worry about keeping them busy when school isn't in session! Read on.

Inflatable Slides

1. Inflatable Slides

Inflatable water slides are a kid's summertime favorite. They cool down, have fun and enjoy the challenges of climbing up to jump off from them towards that pool right below filled with water. What’s more, these coloured inflatable slides look amazing as kids climb on top before sliding back down at high speeds just for more sake of enjoyment!

An inflatable water slide is just the thing if you want a fun way to cool off on hot summer days. They are made of durable materials and different shapes. A good one will have no rough edges or corners, so they don't fall down while climbing up to play with their friends!

Sand and Water Table

2. Sand and Water Table

Children will love this sand and water table that comes with buckets where they can fill the sands or the water. They'll have fun pouring out one bucket to another without spilling any of it! More so, this is great for developing their agility, too. Set aside time every day at home so your child has a chance to play in these backyard summer toys they won't regret having later on down the road.

Sand and water may seem harmless to some. But when children are left unsupervised for too long they can come in contact with irritants that will make them itch. It's also important not to let the sand enter your child's eyes or nose because it can cause a lot of discomfort.

bounce house

3. Bounce Houses For Kids

The excitement is contagious at a bounce house! Kids will learn to communicate and socialize with each other, despite their age. In addition, you must always inspect the equipment before letting your youngster leap into it. Otherwise they might end up injured or in tears.

Manufacturers have created a special material for the bouncer's outer lining to make it easy to inflate and maintain. It constantly seeps through while maintaining its ability to stay inflated without any leaks, even kids play on. The blower should come with these houses so you can fill them up easily for your children.

4. Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses will make summertime fun and joyous. In addition, with a lightweight, portable design, kids can enjoy the challenge of running through an obstacle course whether it's in your backyard or at the beach!

Parents may think of challenging their children's movement skills. It would be tempting to build an obstacle course in the backyard involving trampolines and swinging ropes. But, these are all things associated with outdoor playtime so that your child does not get bored indoors when there is no sun outside!

sandbox for kids

5. Sandboxes

Sandboxes are backyard toys for toddlers and kids that help them learn about spatial and cause-and-effect relationships. The opportunity for children to build something with their own two hands is priceless! It’s important to get one that has high walls so the sand doesn't spill out when they're digging in the sandbox.

Besides, sandboxes are a great way to not only have fun but also learn. Kids will spend hours in the sandbox and be able to develop their creativity with mounds, holes, or even buildings of their own. Likewise, this is more than other toys can do for them!

Benefits of Water Play for Children

Water play is like an all-time activity for children's development! It provides physical benefits such as improved cognitive skills and coordination, and social ones too. More so, water play provides an opportunity to bond with friends or family members of all ages.

Improves Motor Skills

Have you seen a group of kids playing in the water? It's like they're having some kind of crazy dance party! Playing with water helps children become more agile and strong. So it should be considered an important element of motor skills and physical fitness.

Promotes Creativity

Playing in water is a great way to develop your kid's creativity. In addition, building sand towers or squirting each other while on an inflatable slide—they'll be thinking of what else they can do with the water stuff!

Encourages social skills  

Kids love playing with backyard water toys! It's so much fun, and they'll have friends to play with too. Water is great for fostering friendships, developing good sharing habits, teaching children how to be humble when they win or lose some of the time.

backyard play time

How Do Parents Encourage Water to Play in the Backyard?

Parents should ensure that sand or other toys are available for children to encourage water play in the backyard. They have a chance to be creative and have fun as they learn at school. Still, it also helps establish what behaviors are acceptable while playing with these materials.

  • Parents need to model the behavior they expect in the sand and water areas so their children will be safe from mishaps. But at the same time, it is important that these activities are fun too.
  • It's also necessary for parents to set up an environment within which a child can thrive. Let them have access to backyard toys as plastic animals, measuring cups and more!
  • One of many ways this could happen would be by making sure parents provide constant supervision. In addition, very young kids may not yet know how best to keep themselves out of danger when exploring outdoor places on their own.
  • Safety measures must always take precedence over what you might want your child to have most - all those precious minutes playing outside.


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You know what's coming! Get ready for the sun to set and your kids' summertime activities. So, stock up on backyard water toys because they are a great way to cool down in this heat of summer. Remember, it doesn't hurt that you're giving them something exciting too!