Best Outdoor Playhouse Ideas For Your Backyard

Sometimes kids need to put down the iPad, step away from the Xbox, or hit the pause button on YouTube. However, persuading them to go and stay outside can be difficult. So, why not come up with the best outdoor playhouse ideas for your backyard? 

With the ideal outdoor playhouse for kids, you can provide them with plenty of fresh air while also ensuring they’re having fun. One example would be a kids' playhouse; it is an excellent place to foster creativity and let children's imaginations run wild. Thus, from simple to inspiring ideas, we can assure you that this article can assist you in creating the right space for you and your family.

So, if you’re wondering what other outdoor playhouse ideas we have in mind, continue reading! 

Outdoor Playhouse Ideas

Creative Playhouse Ideas for Children

Playhouses are a good investment if you have a creative bone in your body, the space to let your imagination run wild, and the money to decorate your outdoor space. From store-bought fancy playhouses to DIY wooden playhouses, you can now keep your kids entertained for hours without having to worry about them being glued to the screen. 

There are several types of playhouses on the market, some of which can be built from the ground up. Nonetheless, if you're on a tight budget, you can make one through  this creative playhouse DIY ideas below:

Pallets Playhouse

This simple pallet playhouse is the best project for reusing and recycling items that should not be thrown away. With factory-discarded pallet planks and beams, you can simply screw this structure together. Make it look like your baby's own home by applying a fresh coat of paint of your choice.

The Hideaway Playhouse

This DIY wooden playhouse in your backyard has the feel of a secret getaway. It is designed entirely with only wooden planks supported by beams. A flight of stairs leads to the main deck, which can be decorated in any theme imaginable – fairies, books, pirates, etc.

DIY Backyard Playhouse 

This homemade kids' outdoor playhouse that nests between tree trunks will fit perfectly in one corner of your backyard. It has the appearance of a tiny house, with steps leading to the doorway and a porch in front. 

Thus, the arrangement has a homey feel, and your children will be able to find a cozy retreat for themselves during their school breaks. You can also make it a learning experience by installing Raised Fir Wood Chicken Coop/Rabbit Hutch near their playhouses. 


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Triangular Playhouse

This playhouse is a unique addition to your backyard. In contrast to the traditional box-style playhouse, this one is shaped like a triangle, and the roof also functions as a door. 

But what makes this playhouse so unique is that it is two stories tall. As a result, it would be large enough to accommodate multiple children, encouraging your kids to invite more friends over! 

Royal Playhouse

This playhouse is a cute addition to your empty backyard. Thus, if you have a little girl who enjoys pretending to be a princess, this might be something she'd enjoy. Certainly, it's the ideal toddlers' playhouse idea to make.

This Royal Playhouse would undoubtedly add a splash of personality to your backyard. It appears to be quite detailed, but if you're a seasoned builder, ALEKO's Traditional Outdoor Wooden Playhouse could be right up your alley. 


Outdoor playhouse

If your children enjoy the idea of having a portable playhouse, this dollhouse is a perfect choice; however, It would necessitate a little more handiwork. So, if you enjoy working on smaller projects, this could be a good fit for you. And your child will most likely appreciate having a handmade dollhouse that they can carry around with them. 

As mentioned, this dollhouse requires a little handiwork, so, to help you save a little more time, you may just redecorate this Traditional Outdoor Wooden Playhouse and create a unique dollhouse of your own.

Playhouse with Slides

Choose a low-level, plastic playhouse with sturdy barriers if you have toddlers. However, if you have adventurous, fast-growing children, consider a large wooden playhouse with a slide that they can grow into.

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Playhouses: a Gateway to Fun Moments!

outdoor playhouse for your backyard

Did you ever imagine how cool it would be to have a secret hideaway when you were a kid? Guess what, your kids do as well! It is no secret that playhouses can be a lot of fun for children. So instead of encouraging your kids to lie down indoors with the latest gadgets, they can spend hours playing in your backyard with their toys and friends.

Indeed, playhouses have always been on the market. Previously, they were sold as dollhouses and were designed to be used indoors. Nonetheless, outdoor playhouses have become popular due to parents' interest in DIY projects and the desire to create something unique for children.

Thus, if you’re having difficulty creating the right backyard space for your kid, Buffalo Backyard store will assist you!  You kick off your shoes for a drink while the kids are occupied in their own space.