Bouncing House: Backyard Playtime for Your Kids

Playtime is an all-time favorite activity for kids and is essential for their development. In addition, it allows them the chance to do what they want and have fun with other kids. A bouncy house is one way that can take their playtime to a new level. It allows them to bounce, jump, slide and run around your backyard, a great way to use their endless energy.

bounce house for kids

How to Set-Up Bounce House for Backyard

A Bounce House is an inflatable structure filled with gas, air, or helium. It is created with Polyvinyl (PVC) or nylon and is inflated using a power blower. Again, it is used to entertain kids during vacations, birthday parties, and just simple gatherings. Here are things to know before you set up your backyard bounce house:

1. Make Sure The Weather is Good

A bounce house is filled with gas so make sure that the weather you have is good. You have to consider any strong winds, heavy rains, lightning, and even hail. The best way to set them up is during summer.

2. Clear Your Backyard

Make sure that the area in your backyard is leveled before buying a bounce house. Measure the space that you will set it up. Clear any rocks, pebbles, branches, or any sharp debris that can damage your bounce house. Lay a tarp where you intend to set your bouncy house. It will give an extra barrier to your bouncy house.

3. Select The Right Bounce House

There are different factors in selecting the right bouncy house, like your kids’ age, backyard size, safety guidelines, and budget. After considering these, pick a design. It can be a magic castle bounce house, a bounce house with slides and ball pits.

4. Read the Instructions Carefully!

The process of setting up a jumpy castle depends on how big they are. If you choose to rent a bounce house for your backyard, it is up to the operator of the rental company. But if you bought it, ensure that it comes with clear instructional information. If the manufacturer did not provide an instruction manual, look if it’s available online.

5. Start Inflating Your Bounce Houses

Most bounce houses for backyards come with a designated blower. Just hook them up and make sure the inlets are connected. If they have multiple inlets, tie them off. Make sure that the outlets are tied off, so no air will leak out.

6. Safety First! Double Check Everything

Once everything is set up, walk around the bounce house and double-check your anchors. It is the main priority safety feature. Check also if you missed any debris that can puncture it. Importantly, check if there are any tears, rips, leakage, especially a bounce house with a slide.

7. Establish Rules For Your Kids Bounce House

Your kids will immediately be excited once they know that the setups are ready. It is very important to establish rules before you let them slide and bounce around. Here are rules that you can apply:

  • Don’t allow sharp objects inside the jumping house.
  • There should be no pushing one another when inside, especially for a bounce house with a slide as a fall hazard.
  • Bouncing against its walls should be forbidden. It can be hazardous for a bouncing castle as it can topple over.
  • Children’s glasses, Jewelry, and footwear should not be allowed before playing.
  • Food and drinks are also banned.
kids playing bounce house

All around Attraction

Bounce Houses are fun all year round and affordable for you. For special occasions, they are the perfect way to amuse the children. One look at a bouncy castle house and the kids will be occupied. You will be free to entertain other guests and socialize with other adults. And if your kids are no longer interested or outgrew them, just put up a bounce house for sale.

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