Child-Friendly Playground Games and Activities

Undoubtedly, the formative years of a child's life are not complete without time spent playing. For us, playgrounds are more than just a place where your child can spend some time alone.

Since playing has a wide range of positive effects on children's development, recess and playground time allow children to socialize and work on physical, social, emotional, and sensory growth. Today, we will explore some child-friendly playground games and activities to put up in your backyard spaces.

Playground Games and Activities

Playground Play Ideas

As mentioned, games and playground activities can assist children in acquiring important skills for their development. Here's how you can do it.

1. Swinging

On a playground, nothing beats swinging. There are several ways it can surely benefit your child's well-being. It helps kids learn how to keep their bodies in the right place concerning their surroundings. Additionally, a teeter totter for a swing set provides fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and coordination and agility (putting it all together).

Nonetheless, learning to perceive speed and direction is made easier by swinging. This Deluxe Wooden Swingset with Covered Canopy, Slide, Climbing Wall is the perfect swing set your kids could ever have!

Additionally, check out the Best Backyard Swings for Kids that you can get in this article.

2. Climbing

Playground Games

Climbing activities also aid in the development of children’s body awareness. Having a good understanding of their anatomy is essential. It can also aid in teaching basic navigational concepts such as left and right, up and down, etc.

Additionally, the mental processes of problem-solving and forecasting are aided by the act of rock climbing. For example, "I'm not sure where to put my right foot now. How am I going to descend from this vantage point?” In both classroom and playground, flexible thinking can be beneficial.

3. Playing Overhead Equipment

Fine and gross motor skills are honed when children play on overhead equipment. Children need to practice small and large movements, such as gripping the bar (swinging from one bar to the next). It's perfect for kids who have difficulty with motor planning. 

Moving one hand between the bars helps children improve their balance and coordination. As a result, they develop a better sense of spatial awareness.

4. Free Play

Free play

Having a playground is a great place for children to let loose and have fun. During recess, it is common for students to play outside on playgrounds to escape the confines of the classroom for a short time. Going to a playground outside of school hours allows children to choose what they do and how long they spend doing it.

One example of free play is through outdoor shadow. With that, children will discover the shadows they could cast and the shadows of other objects they encounter while playing outside. They'll look at how a shadow can shift in size, shape, and location. 

And February 2 is the perfect date to unleash your shadow art skills and creativity through the world's most famous Groundhog Day! Let your child participate in that meaningful event they will surely cherish for a lifetime.

5. Playing Ball Games

Various sports and games can aid a child's growth. They will learn to hold, throw, and kick a ball while playing. This game also improves cohesion. In addition, they must make quick decisions and devise strategies on the fly, such as whether or not to run to the next base after the one they're on.

Thus, critical thinking and problem-solving skills are facilitated in this way.

Whether playing a game or just running around with friends, playing ball games can mean anything. Nonetheless, this isn't just a prank. As a result of this interactive game, children develop social skills and vocabulary through interaction with other children. 

Playground rules include following them, sharing, and taking turns. By participating in these interactions, children learn to recognize social cues, such as body language and voice tone.

6. Trampolines


Improve your kids' balance by letting them jump on a trampoline. You may also include it in a sensory diet. Visiting trampoline parks with other children is a great way to meet new friends. Likewise, you can purchase a Hexagonal Zorbpod Trampoline for home use. 

Most likely, if you're not sure your child will follow instructions or isn't old enough for a trampoline park. Remember that safety rules, such as having a jump bar, are essential.

7. Hopscotch

Your child needs strong gross motor skills, balance, and coordination to jump and hop. Thus, playing hopscotch is an easy way to work on those abilities. For those times when a sidewalk or play area is not readily available, you can create a hallway hopscotch game out of painter's tape instead.

8. Obstacle Course

The purpose of an obstacle course is to get kids moving and give them a purpose. Create crawl spaces on, under, and through furniture, pillows, and blankets for an indoor course.

A great outdoor playset like the ALEKO Inflatable Bounce House is a great place to use hula-hoops for jumping and other creative movements to help your child learn to crawl, jump and run.

If you need help Setting up a Backyard Obstacle Course for Kids, we’ve got your back. This article will help you do just that.

Start Designing Your Ideal Play Area Today!

Start Designing Your Ideal Play Area Today!

Having a playground right at the corner of your home is such a relief. Since adult supervision is always nearby in playgrounds, it allows kids to engage in active play while still being monitored. So, with the Buffalo Backyard Store, we are glad to help you create a quality playground to let your kids have fun while exploring and learning new things. 

Also, encourage children's play and give them numerous opportunities to develop essential life skills that will last a lifetime.

The sooner you start designing your playground, the better off it will be for the children who will use it. With our assistance, you can get the playground of your dreams up and running as soon as possible. Explore our collection of outdoor playsets to get some inspiration for creating your own fun backyard space!