Choosing the Perfect Enclosure for Your Most Loved Pets

Chicken coops, cages, dog kennels, and even an outdoor rabbit hutch are used to house domesticated chickens, dogs, and rabbits. These are crucial for the animals to process and maintain their overall health. 

Furthermore, through an enclosure, hens can produce eggs in a safe and comfortable environment. Also, temperature plays a critical role in animals' health and development.

Various pet enclosure sizes are available, but the most important thing is to pick the right one for your particular needs and the animals you intend to house in it. Here are a few specifics to help you narrow down your search for an enclosure:


outdoor dog kennel

1. Determine the Best Place for Them 

Cages, kennels, and hutches for dogs, rabbits, and chickens can all be placed in backyards of all sizes, as well as in open fields and pastures. As a result, you must first think of the ideal location before taking accurate measurements.

During the day, chickens need access to a covered backyard chicken coop to stay healthy and happy. For small areas, an integrated chook pen is the best choice. However, if you have a garden, chicken wire pens could work. 

Nonetheless, the circular shape of chicken wire pens is ideal for open areas, while the rectangular shape is better suited for more restricted spaces like yards.

On the other hand, rabbits are adorably cute and make wonderful family pets. They require a well-built enclosure like this Multi-Level Wooden Chicken Coop or Rabbit Hutch that will keep them contained while also providing protection. 

While dog kennels and Pet Playpens are essential before bringing a dog into the house, they are also useful for training. Still, they also keep your canine companions from becoming overwhelmed by their new surroundings. 

The most important thing to remember is to provide adequate wind and sun protection for your dogs, chickens, and rabbits.


outdoor dog kennel

2. The Number of Animals

In order to properly care for your pets, you must first determine how much room they will require.  

A typical Cedar Wooden Dog Kennel can only hold one dog for the most part. In contrast, a DIY Chain Link Dog Kennel with Roof can accommodate 3-5 dogs.

On the other hand, raising chickens and rabbits can begin with a small number and eventually grow to a larger herd. Thus, determining the exact number of chickens/rabbits early on can save money in the long run because new coops or hutches aren't required for flock growth.


backyard chicken coop

3. Decide on a Spending Limit/Budget

Enclosure selection becomes easier when there is a budget to work from. There are many coop and cage options, ranging from the basic models that cost $100 to the more expensive models that cost up to $7,000. Cutting down on the options available and sticking to a budget can help you avoid overspending.

4. Consider the Breed Before Purchasing an Enclosing Unit

Numerous animal species and breeds exist, each with its characteristics, needs, and environments. Likewise, some animals require a lot of space to thrive and will not survive in a small area. However, larger animals necessitate a greater amount of living space.

Laid-back chickens require less space than meat-eating hens, and young animals require less space than fully-grown pets. So, before purchasing a pet, it's a good idea to narrow your options down to a specific breed and then research its needs. Doing this helps to make the right choice of enclosure for a pet.


backyard chicken coop

5. Consider Their Sizes

As mentioned, some animals need a lot of space to move around freely, play, scratch, and perch comfortably. Most importantly, coops, cages, and hutches must be adequately protected from the elements and predators. 

The number of hens to be housed or raised is usually the coop size needed to accommodate them all comfortably. While a large coop is ideal, a minimum of four square feet of space for each chicken is acceptable. Ten square feet per chicken is a good rule of thumb to keep in mind for cooped-up chickens.

6. Decide Which Options and Features are Best 

We all know that enclosures come in a  variety of styles and features. They can be as simple as an open-air wooden cage or as elaborate as a walk-in and double-story structure that can house several animals at once, like our Coop in a box up to 5 chickens.

If you're shopping for hutches or an outdoor dog kennel, make sure to keep in mind things like ventilation, space for playing, eating, and the like. While in terms of chicken coops, chicken feeders, nest boxes that can be locked, built-in runs that are accessible from the inside of the coop, and slide-out features that make cleaning easy are all important features. Additionally, wire pens can also be found with steel material, panels, and automatic chicken coop doors as options.


outdoor dog kennel

Show Your Love To Your Pet By Providing Them the Best Enclosure! 

It makes sense to select the most appropriate animal enclosure in light of the aforementioned aspects. Buffalo Backyard Store believes that finding the right retailer to purchase enclosures is crucial. 

In addition to being a reputable manufacturer of backyard playsets, we are also well-versed in all facets of animal confinement. With our assistance, the process of finding the perfect enclosure becomes a breeze!

Nonetheless, choosing the best enclosure for your pet most likely shows how much you love them. On February 20, we will celebrate National Love Your Pet Day! 

This is an ideal opportunity to show our pets how much we care about them by giving them enough attention and placing them in an enclosure where they will surely feel loved and safe.