Fear About Supply Chain Folks Ordering Early

Just how fast time flies, it’s that time of the year again -- the Holiday Season. Crowds of people rush to malls and buy Christmas gifts for their loved ones; others reserve food packages for Christmas dinner. 

Christmas supply order


Christmas is at risk for supply chains as scarcity starts to arise with the nearing holiday season. 

If you are the person who crams buying gifts because you believe that it’s still too early to do it today, then you might encounter supply chain issues. Supply chain issues can cause chaos and several challenges, especially when you have already planned out what to give to each of your loved ones.

When supply chain problems arrive, you need to have a plan B. Demands on supply chains increase exponentially during the holidays, and they cannot control the holiday rush. 

More so, supply chains cannot just stop the demands when they start to sense manufacturers’ issues.


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Supply Chain and Holidays

holiday supply chain

Even if it’s only October, big brands are already reporting supply chain problems because of different delays in shipment and delivery. The main culprit? It’s the Covid. Because of the pandemic, many services are halted and delayed, while some are spiking up their prices just to make ends meet with their shipping and delivery businesses.

The pandemic has negatively affected the entire supply chain -- from factories and manufacturers to the ports for shipment and delivery. Many companies are left short-staffed because the pandemic has affected their businesses.

With the effect of the pandemic on big companies, consumers are most likely to suffer the consequences as well. Aside from the risk of supply chain issues, consumers may also have to spend more money to get the same quality of the products. 

The Pandemic and the Global Supply Chains 

Because of Covid outbreaks, manufacturing companies suffered because of factories shutting down. With factories closing, goods and products continued to pile up, so the demand in shipments and containers started to soar.

Shipping companies also started to raise their prices because of the pandemic. While the shipping companies can continue with delivery, problems on labor also arose. There have been records of widespread labor shortage because big companies cannot provide them with enough salary. 

Labor shortages meant shipping containers could not be unloaded because there were not enough workers. It caused backlogs and delays in goods being loaded to trucks for the last step of the delivery. 

Gadgets that have several different parts are also affected by the pandemic. Each part of the gadget needs specialized facilities for manufacturing which are usually in different factories across the globe. 

With the delays in shipment of the parts, the gadgets are not delivered on time. 

Effect of Supply Chain Issues on Consumers

Effect of Supply Chain Issues on Consumers

With the supply chain issues arising this holiday season, consumers are also affected. Supply chain issues meant higher delivery costs which consumers shoulder. 

Another negative effect of issues on supply chains to consumers is that their options become limited. Because of the rise in shipping costs, some companies tend to think practically. They started to think critically about what goods to ship to save money. Because of the shipping costs, consumers would have to settle on what’s only available for them.

If you initially plan to buy a specific item for your loved one this holiday season, you might have to consider alternatives if that item isn’t available.  Again, you might have to settle for only what big companies can offer right now. 

Generally, many big companies advise consumers to prepare their wallets for higher prices but with limited selection. 

Supply Chain Folks Ordering Way Before the Holidays

Amidst all the arising supply chain issues, many companies have seen this coming. The retail industry, for example, is already starting to fill up its warehouses with goods as early as today. Other big brands encourage consumers to start shopping for the holidays even when the holidays are still months away.

Aside from the retail industry, other big brands are advancing their supply chain orders as they gear up for the holidays. Companies are already storing supplies and goods to meet consumers’ demands this holiday as early as October. There is no guarantee that they will meet all the demands, but companies try not to disappoint consumers. 

To kick start holiday shopping, these early, big brands offer different kinds of promotions to consumers. These promotions aim to convince consumers to purchase their holiday gift ideas already before supplies run out. 

Tips to overcome supply chain chaos 

With the holidays fast approaching, supply chain chaos will continue to worsen, and you might not get the holiday gift ideas you want. Here are some tips to try to help you overcome the supply chain chaos this Christmas.

1. Don’t wait until Black Friday

Do not wait until Black Friday to purchase all your holiday gift ideas. Traditionally, consumers rush to stores during Black Friday because almost all items are on sale. Remember that if an item is already in short supply, waiting until the Black Friday holiday is a habit you need to avoid.

When an item is already experiencing shortages, the chances are that it’s already gone by the time the Black Friday holiday weekend hits.

2. Do not forget about shipping deadlines.

During the holidays, different couriers and shipping companies will certainly be closed. Make sure that you have taken note of the shipping deadlines. Make sure to purchase or assign shipping before the deadline to avoid having your gifts delivered late. 

3.  Prepare to spend more.

Expect to spend more with the supply chain chaos if you certainly want to get a specific gift item. With the rising shipping costs, companies have to compensate for what they spent to thrive. Your desire to get one specific item will be tested once you are demanded to spend a little more than what you expected.


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Products to Consider during the Holiday Season

Products to Consider during the Holiday Season

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Final Say

With the holidays lurking around, supply chain chaos is also starting. If you want to avoid this, consider doing holiday shopping as early as today. Buy the gifts your loved ones deserve right now before it’s too late.

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