Fun Ideas to Turn your Backyard into Water Park

Don't you have a pool in your backyard? That doesn't mean you can't find ways to play around. You might be missing out on some exciting things happening on the other side of your fence. See how you can upgrade to an amazing waterpark with just some simple tweaks and our suggestions; it'll beat laying out by yourself any day.

Why wait in line at an overpriced, germy waterpark when you can enjoy your custom-built one? Check out these ideas if you want to know how to build a water park and have fun afterward.

DIY Backyard Water Park

Backyard water fun

With a private, customizable backyard water park on your property, there's no need for pricey day passes or long lines. Give yourself the freedom of spending as much time on any activity that catches your eye with these simple DIY ideas:

1. Car Wash Sprinkler for Kids

The car wash sprinkler for kids is the perfect way to get your child excited about washing their bike and toy cars. This pool noodle, mop head, and the sponge-based gadget will make it seem like you're running through an actual car wash with a water hose spraying from all angles! 

Set this one up early in the year so that they can enjoy it all season long. You could also add some backyard water toys for fun! 

2. Slip 'N Slide 

Do you have a slide in your backyard? You might as well not even bother using it because the homemade Slip' N Slide is way more fun and exciting. Just imagine seeing yourself go down fast on this giant slip-and-slide while still getting to cool off at the same time! 

This backyard water fun will be amazing for kids out there looking to get their adrenaline rush going with something safe. Plus, if you want an extra kick of speed, all you need is just a tiny bit of shampoo or soap. Then, you're all set to take one big run downhill. It is guaranteed for some super speedy trips down!

Backyard water fun

3. Water-filled Balloons Piñatas

Get ready to get wet and wild with these water balloon pinatas! You can hang them around the yard or bring your piñata holder. Get a bunch of friends together, take turns popping balloons open, and enjoy getting splashed in the process. 

Or, if you're feeling extra brave (or have lots of time), try filling each one up individually. Next, add it into your party's lineup so that everyone gets an even amount of soaking fun all day long!

4. Water Obstacle Course 

It's time to put your skills at navigating a water obstacle course to the test. This obstacle course is one of those fun things to put in your backyard that you can get creative with – depending on items available in your yard. Still, no matter how it turns out, there will be plenty of laughs and good times!

The water obstacle course is a great way to cool down. This creative and fun backyard activity can be set up with varying levels of difficulty, depending on the shape and layout of your yard. 

5. Water Blaster for Kids

Get ready to have a blast this season with these water blasters. They're perfect for kids' backyard water park outdoor events, where you can let loose and unleash your inner pirate! 

The best part about them is that they do not use any batteries, so there's no need to worry if it'll run out on you in mid-battle. Plus, they only take up less than 3 square feet, which means more room for fun things like pool noodles or inflatable animals.

Backyard water fun

6. DIY Pool Noodle

Pool noodles are the perfect way to make your outdoor activities even more fun. Here's a DIY idea that will help keep you cool and hydrated when having water wars with friends: pool noodle sprinklers! You can create one of these by connecting two or three, using duct tape for additional stability at points where they connect. 

This activity creates an enormous backyard sprinkler right inside your own home. If building many is too ambitious, try setting up only one near low-lying plants. Since plant roots absorb moisture from dewdrops overnight (and love being sprayed), placing another nearby hose.

7. Giant Water Blob 

Making your giant water blob is a great way to cool off and have some fun! Fill up the bag with plenty of colorful food dye or glitter before you get started. Then, either balance on top of it like an old-fashioned trampoline or create slippery slopes by spraying yourself down from head to toe in cold water. 

A successful lobbying session can last for hours. Make sure that everyone had their fill after they've been sliding around inside this gigantic slip 'n slide for long enough. Then drain out the leftover liquid at the end of playtime!

8. Inflatable Sprinkler

Did you know that to keep your backyard pool, all you need is a giant inflatable sprinkler? However, these are perfect water park ideas for those who enjoy DIY projects but can't find the time or motivation. Let's say you don't like spending hours constructing this homemade water park; you have to connect the hose and turn on the tap! 

They come in many shapes, like rockets that blast off into space. There are also unicorns coming up at every corner, which might make kids happy! You could also match it up with games and delicious ice cream treats while they enjoy staying cool under the shade of trees.

Alternative Option

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