A Guide to Set-up a Kid-Friendly Yard for Active Play

Every parent knows that kids need to be active. It's important for their physical and mental health, but it can be hard to find the time or space in today's busy world. You may want a backyard with enough room for your kids to run around, play games like tag or hide-and-seek, do cartwheels and somersaults, and enjoy other kid-friendly front yards and outdoor activities

Read on for tips about how you can create an environment where your children will have fun playing outside!

kid friendly yard

Tips to Have a Kid-friendly Backyard

1. Plan for Kid's Playground Ideas

If you're redesigning your area, it's worth incorporating your children's ideas into the project to get their input on what they like and enjoy most outside of school hours or playdates with friends! 

With that, kids will be happy, and parents would tend to worry less whether their kids would like those designs or not. 

2. Keep Things Natural 

Kids can play with just about anything these days, but there's no need to buy any special items. Instead of buying a new toy for your kid every time, use natural materials at home and make it into whatever the child is interested in playing with.

obstacle course

For example, if you have a tree stump around, decorate it to do obstacle courses on them! You could also put stepping stones across the grass- either paint them plain or leave them as decoration depending on what style you want. But if you're too busy, check out these amazing obstacle courses at the buffalo store!

3. Lay Down Turf

You can't beat a lawn for playing on. It provides the perfect landing spot to practice cartwheels and handstands, or even just sprawl out without any consequence of your pet's claws digging into your skin from lounge chairs in the backyard. 

decorate your backyard

Choosing flowers that are resistant to a ball or trampling damage will ensure your lawn lasts a long time - and they'll have plenty of fun as you watch your kids grow up!

4. Allocate Storage for Every Activity

Kids are messy, and these days it's not just a few toys that need to be stored. So how do you get them organized? One way is with colorful bins labeled for every activity: Legos in one, Matchbox cars in another. 

These can go anywhere—under the bed or next to play areas—and encourage kids to clean up their mess when they're done playing because everything has its place!

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5. Prefer a Shaded Area

A completely open space can get too hot on a long summer day. You should make sure you have some shaded areas to which children can retreat from the sun! Trees are great, but if they're not an option for your yard, use one of these alternative options: a canopy with umbrellas overhead or pergolas. Those will provide cover when it's raining or too hot outside.

Kid-Friendly Backyard Ideas

fun backyard ideas

We have created a list of the best backyard ideas that suit your taste with these tips above!

Moreover, as the heat gets warmer and longer days come ahead, these creative suggestions will help you enjoy this season outside. Keep reading and choose your favorite ideas!

1. Creative Backyard Spaces

This is a fun backyard idea and can be a great way to explore your kids' creativity. Incorporating art into the outdoors makes so much sense – it's less messy and much easier to clean up! Spread out a sheet or drop cloth, add some paint (or mud) in spray bottles, let them go wild with colors as they make artwork on an easel or chalkboard for hours of fun outside.

Kids could also turn mud into paint by adding food coloring to make their creations. To keep the fun going for hours (or days), play games like drawing on an outdoor chalkboard or set up some easels so they can get creative in different ways when they are outside!

backyard landscaping ideas for kids

2. Nature-friendly Backyard

Give your kids the opportunity to plant their plants and learn about nature. Offer them a plot of land where they can grow anything from tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, or even kale! For an extra challenge, why not offer some empty pots so that children can design their planters with any materials they have on hand? 

Adults must discuss what will happen next when teaching children how to compost because this may be difficult for young brains. But, before you show off all those carrots grown from seedlings, you'll need something exciting like digging up worms for them to see how wonderful decomposition is. You could also try browsing backyard landscaping ideas for kids that they must push themselves! Also, you could initiate a modern child-friendly garden design in your area!

 climbing ladder in backyard

3. Climbing Space for Kids

Climbing is an exhilarating yet exciting activity that exercises the muscles and stimulates children's minds, bodies, and coordination. Climbing space can be included in your outdoor play area to provide an easy backyard playground for kids of all ages!

Climbing spaces are more than just something fun to do or somewhere challenging. But they're beneficial tools for exercising both body and mind through climbing up different surfaces with various levels of difficulty. Kids will love it because it's super cool; parents should appreciate its educational value as well.

4. Outdoor Play Station

If you have a small yard, this is an easy way to turn your kid's playground ideas into reality and something special! 

inflatable water slide

In this kids outdoor play area idea, you'll need some play structure. Maybe one that's seen better days and needs new paint? Or how about getting creative with what materials are on hand by building the perfect backyard slide from old pieces of wood and a couple of metal pipes! But if you have an extra budget, you could have an inflatable water slide that could live up the fun in your kids!

A child's imagination will be captured when they see the outdoor play station full of toys. The sink can dry off their dirty hands after playing in sand or water, and there is plenty of storage space to put everything away neatly at the end of each day. This beautiful wooden masterpiece would make any backyard a little more exciting!

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Outdoor Space Shed in Pergolas

5. Outdoor Space Shed in Pergolas

Dreaming of spending time outdoors? There's no need to give up your indoor luxuries if you install an outdoor pergola. This space will allow kids and family to enjoy their favorite TV show or a good meal in the sun without having to brave the cold or warm weather outside.

Outdoor living rooms with pergolas are just as full-featured as any indoor open-concept kitchen and entertainment space. With complete cooking appliances, big-screen TVs, eating counters, nothing about these areas is off limits! For kids not to feel confined by walls when they're enjoying themselves on warm days, a pergola is a key! Thanks to natural light from windows all around them while still being surrounded by comfort indoors!

6. Camping Site at your Doorstep

Children adore forts and other hideaways, whether as basic as a shady nook or as elaborate as a big treehouse. Make a bean tepee like this one, including a campground for the kids and gorgeous support beans.

payhouse in backyard


Purchase some garden rope from a local gardening supply store. Then tie them together over each pole of bamboo poles you got there to make circles. Plant at least five to six huge runner bean pods on top, so they grow up around the frame and keep everything in place. You may even have playhouses built in your garden!

7. Backyard Swing for Outdoor Fun

A swing set is a timeless classic that will never go out of style and always be nostalgic. Going back to childhood, the swing set in our old backyard was where we could let loose after school or on weekends. Also, the most beloved part of any typical kid's summertime routine! 

Backyard Swing for Outdoor Fun

Swinging is a relaxing and fun activity that improves balance and allows you to have some bonding time with your family. You can spend hours swinging away in the backyard or on swings in parks. A favorite for many adults is tree swings, where they can enjoy nature while getting their daily dose of exercise, all without breaking a sweat. If you don't want to buy something expensive like fences and sandboxes, then consider installing swings!

Buffalo Experience

We all know that playtime is essential for children's development. Besides, it can be a great way to relax after the day-to-day grind of work and school life. Therefore, don't let your child miss out on kid friendly front yard and outdoor time during their young years. Start finding ways to incorporate quality outdoor experiences into daily schedules! 

At Buffalo Backyard Store, you'll have everything needed for an enjoyable experience while providing hours of safe indoor/outdoor fun in one place.