How Outdoor Play Contributes to Vision Development

Everyone must have heard about the advantages of children playing outside: physical exercise, social development, and even stress management. But have you ever considered improved vision in children? Visual development also depends on what children do when they are outside and where they play.

According to studies, going outside reduces the chances of developing myopia (nearsightedness) in children. It's up to 50% less probable. So, what is the role of outdoor play in this, and how can it help?

Outdoor Play and Kid's Eyesight

Outdoor Play and Kid's Eyesight

A child's chance of developing nearsightedness can be reduced by engaging in outdoor activities. Numerous studies suggest that myopia is less frequent in children who spend more time outside (Goldschmidt and Jacobsen 2014, Rose et al. 2016). 

There are many conclusions about outdoor play being beneficial to children's eyesight. One theory says that outdoor play gives the eyes a rest from "close activities," such as reading and watching movies. Another one says that daylight is beneficial to the eyes. In any case, it appears that outdoor play is an excellent remedy for poor eyesight.

relax your eye muscles

Allows Your Eyes Muscle To Relax

Being outside and looking at distant things allows your eye muscles to relax. It is especially recommended after hours of gazing at a screen or mobile devices. Like other muscles in the body, the eye muscles need to rest after periods of tension or continual use. To minimize the risk of myopia development, eye experts recommend spending 60 to 80 minutes outside every day.

Get entertaining backyard toys for kids like a trampoline to encourage them to spend more time outside! To create an exciting outdoor play area, you can also build an obstacle course or a bounce house. It will allow your kids to relax and enjoy after spending hours on close activities. 

limit kids screentime

Limits Your Childs Screen Time

Playing computer games for long periods indeed increases the risk of nearsightedness. That's because exposure to screens or radiation is harmful to children’s eyes. Also, that limits their playtime outdoors, which is linked to myopia.

You can invest in fun backyard toys like this deluxe wooden swing set or a backyard obstacle course to keep them entertained. This can minimize your child's screen time, benefiting not only their eyes but also their overall health.

Key Takeaways

Spending time outside is a simple solution to the increasing rates of poor eyesight in children. The reason is when they're outdoors, they get exposed to sunlight and look at faraway objects, which are extremely helpful to their eyes. Further, it reduces their use of gadgets- one of the culprits behind myopia. 

So, if you are looking for entertaining ways to improve your kid's eyesight, try outdoor plays. You can invest in outdoor toys and miniatures. This way, your kids can have fun without compromising their vision.