How to Protect Toys in Inclement Weather

Backyard toys' price ranges from cheap to expensive. Consider them as an investment for your child's outdoor leisure. It is best to protect them from getting damaged due to inclement weather. 

Read on to find the best ways to protect outdoor toys and how to keep them safe from the storm.

Always Stay Safe

protect big sets

Remember that your safety is more important than anything. Always avoid going out under inclement weather conditions. So before doing anything outdoors, watch out for government directives first and see if it's safe to go outside. You don't want to risk being outdoors while there's a chance of lightning striking down.

Here are the types of inclement weather conditions you should be aware of:

  • Thunderstorms
  • Hail
  • Tornadoes
  • High winds

Anchor the Big Sets

store your outdoor toys

The weather in America makes a few wicked winds that can lift roofs and root out trees. So your outdoor toys like this deluxe wooden swing set are just as vulnerable without anything holding them down. Local government directives also promote vigilance and safety measures to prepare against storms that frequent the area.

It is strongly recommended to anchor big playsets down with screws and bolts and then add concrete. It is also a way to keep the kids safe while playing in the area. Among the best tools to anchor a playset to prevent accidents is adding concrete with:

  1. Anchor pads
  2. Twist anchor screws
  3. Pound-in stakes

    How to Properly Clean Your Outdoor Toys

    Children are rough on outdoor toys, a traditional outdoor wooden playhouse can get filthy just from regular use. Grime will start building up after environmental factors such as inclement weather washes over it. It is also essential to take note of the manufacturer's suggestion on a particular product. They know what's best for their products and will let you know what will make the product last longer. 

    Over time, the layers of grime on backyard toys like deluxe outdoor wooden swing set can start looking bad and affect its material. The key is to find the appropriate household solution and use a mitt used for car washing. A car wash mitt facilitates quick and easy scrubbing. You can make a homemade cleaning solution just by adding vinegar and dishwashing soap to water. 

    Take the car mitt and solution, and wash all surfaces carefully. These products help remove any stubborn dirt and stains. Afterward, spray off the whole toy thoroughly with water.

    How to Store Outdoor Toys

    There are many storage ideas. Note that your geographical location usually determines your needs for outdoor storage. Remove any canopies, umbrellas, or stands lying around to avoid damage to water and rust during unfavorable weather conditions.

    The best option is to store them on a multipurpose storage when you need to bring them out. In addition, it helps to keep certain toys together and also prolongs the quality of smaller toys. Since you have carefully packed everything, it is convenient to use the storage cabinets, stackable storage containers, and racks.

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    Get Your Family to Join in Cleaning Up

    Once you know that it’s safe to go outside, one of the most crucial ways is to get everyone to clean up. Your children won’t see the importance of protecting the outdoor toys if you do not involve the whole family. 

    Tell your family that you need their help to clean up the harsh weather conditions. Make it fun by making it a routine and have everyone join in cleaning. Let your children know that it'll be a big waste if they let harsh weather destroy their backyard fun.