Importance of Room Rest Time for You and Your Kids

Bonding with our kids strengthens our relationship with them. However, not finding a balance between playing and taking rest may lead to undesirable behaviors.

For that reason, I've developed this concept called "the room rest time." Read on to learn more about it.

Playtime Patience

As a mom, I always make it a point to bond with my kids. This is one of the ways I learn about their passions, wants, and needs. I've always believed that our children have their world.

And it wouldn't hurt us parents to join theirs to get to know them better through mutual interaction. 

importance of room rest

After playing with outdoor toys such as Trampoline and Playhouses, my energetic kids still want to play even though I know they're exhausted. But I noticed when they force themselves to play; they become restless.

Overtired children can exhibit several negative behaviors such as clumsiness, irritability, and clinginess. They may even begin to become picky with their toys and food. It can also affect their wellness in the long run.

While we are busy finding solutions to those problems, we hardly notice their effects on us as parents.

You're Important, Too

I found that dealing with our overtired and cranky children can have several effects on us. It can have an impact on our mental health and even our physical wellness. I'm a momtrepreneur, so I know firsthand the toll it takes on parents.

You may start to feel inadequate, defensive, and guilty when you've got too much on your plate. But you need to remember you're an overwhelmed parent, not an irresponsible parent. If we don't address these issues, it may have long-term effects on our parenting behavior.

We can become desensitized to our children's thoughts, feelings, and needs. What you need is to find the right support system and techniques.

Room Rest Time

It's a fact that different families have different needs. Yet, it's also a fact that you may learn from others. I drew inspiration from my experience as a full-time mom, life coach, and educator to develop a concept called "room rest time."

sleep time for kids

Room rest time is not ordering your kids that playtime is over. Our kids need a gentler approach to avoid any outbursts or negative responses. We need to take our time explaining rather than commanding our children.

We should explain that it's time for them to play quietly in their rooms and give mommy and daddy time to rest. It's quite easy to start room rest time once you get the hang of it.

1. Tell your children that you had fun

"That was a great playtime! We had fun didn't we?"

2. Give them a quick recap of what you did together and praise them for positive behaviors

"You were so creative while we were building your LEGO set. I'm very proud of you."

3. Point out the areas where they could improve

"Next time, we'll work on being patient when your LEGO builds don't quite go your way, okay?"

4. Start room rest time

"Mommy needs to do some stuff now, okay? Why don't you continue playtime in your room? I'll call you down once mommy is rested up and ready. We'll play on the Wooden Swingset some more."

Room rest time is an effective alternative to nap-time in our household. It has led to less cranky kids, less cranky parents, and a less cranky household. 

Some days, when my kids get anxious and clingy, I encourage them to join me in my room during quiet time. They can grab a book or silently play while I relax. But what works for me might not work for you.

Always try to experiment, get inspiration and support from those close to you.

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