Where to Buy Inflatable Water Slides?

Playing in the water is one of the most fun activities for children. But staying at home is necessary for the new normal. Sadly, this means no water parks in the meantime.

This is why inflatable water slides for backyard use are becoming increasingly popular. And with summer finally here, you and your kids can make fun memories in the safety of your backyard. Consider this your handy buying guide for your own backyard inflatable water slide.

Inflatable Water Slides

What to Consider When Buying Water Slides?

It's important to remember that quality is equal to safety. Of course, you want to keep your kids safe while they're having fun. Here are some factors you might want to consider when buying an inflatable water slide for your kids.


The material of inflatable water slides greatly impacts its durability and quality. Most are made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for elasticity. Some use chemical-grade nylon that's strong, lightweight, yet still elastic. Find an inflatable water slide made of durable materials. Ensure that they are puncture-resistant and sturdy.


Take note of the available space in your backyard. Your water slide risks friction with other things if there's not enough open space. This can cause holes or tears. You can avoid incidents like this if you put the water slide on level ground, clear of debris like rocks or sticks.

Children’s Age

Consider your children’s age when buying an inflatable water slide. There are slides available for toddlers, kids, and even teens. Some are specifically designed for adults- if ever you want to join in. With this in mind, you can find a water slide that fits your children’s height and weight.


Inflatable water slides come in many different designs and colors. You can let your kids choose the design they want. Some have famous cartoon characters and movie stars on them. But keep in mind that bright colors can make washing difficult due to stains.

where to buy Inflatable Water Slides

Where to Buy Your Inflatable Water Slide?

Toy Stores

There are a lot of hobby and toy stores that sell commercial grade inflatable water slides. They have a great selection your kids will surely love. You need to follow the safety protocols at the store, though. 

Social Media Group

You may find second-hand inflatable water slides for sale on your community page. Some social media groups and the marketplace feature a cheap inflatable water slide for sale. Get in touch with the seller so you can discuss the buying process.


The most convenient way, however, is to buy one online. It’s best to find reliable and trusted online shops that offer inflatable water slides, so you can spend quality time with your kids without compromising your safety!

How to Care for Inflatable Water Slides?

Once you’ve finally bought the right inflatable water slide for your toddlers, put it in the proper area. That can maintain its quality and durability. Most inflatable water slides come with a manual. Please read it carefully, then make rules for your kids out of the guidelines. Remind them that they should strictly follow the rules while playing on the inflatable water slide to avoid accidents.