5 Reasons Why Outdoor Play is Important for Your Kids Development

Do you ever feel like your kids are always on their screens? Do they never want to go outside and play in the fresh air? Well, it's about time to see this. You'll discover 5 benefits of outdoor recreation for your child's development. 

1. Improve Sensory Skills of Children

Will the excessive use of technology actually hurt children in any way? In a recent study from optometry and vision science, researchers found that kids who play outside most often have better distance vision than those always indoors.

kids Sensory Skills

Besides, kids learn new things from their senses! Imagine how a toddler would enjoy the sight of nature. Hearing sounds made by stomping on puddles with his feet, touching something soft like petals as they use all five senses.

If toddlers are glued to TV screens, they only have a limited sensory experience. So, an obstacle course would help them develop their senses better!

2. Builds Physical Health of Kids

Playing outside is another way to get your children in shape. Studies have shown that kids who play outdoors are more likely to be physically healthy and less prone to chronic diseases like obesity. Because they exercise from the physical activities involved with playing outside. 

Let them spend time running around, throwing objects, jumping over things or simply climbing trees at their own pace. Likewise, it is one of the best ways for children to become fit!

Outdoors play is not only good exercise, but it has also shown to help with stress reduction and sleep. What’s more, playing outside exposes children's bodies to natural light, making them happier while giving their immune system a boost!

Check for outdoor toys like wooden swing playset and toddlers slides which are good for your kid's physical health.

3. Increase Attention Span of Children

Outdoor recreation can do wonders for a child's mental health. More so, spending time playing in the sun opens up their mind and sets them at ease. This helps them sleep better at night without all of that pent-up stress from sitting inside during their day!

Children's outdoor adventure with friends and siblings could be the best thing for your child. Playing creatively, taking turns and sharing help kids develop social skills that they can use later in life to communicate more effectively. What's more, the fresh air is a natural stress reliever too!

Social and Emotional Skills

4. Develops Child Cognitive, Social and Emotional Skills

Playing outdoors is the ultimate in socializing. Children will learn how to take turns, share their ideas while exploring nature around them and become better communicators. It happens as they learn from conversations between themselves or others playing alongside.

Other benefits or cause and effect of outdoor toys have been shown to help children develop their coordination skills and organizational abilities. Through games with peers, they have quality time spent with family and friends without electronic distractions.

5. Boost Happy Hormones and Immune System of Kids

Nature can boost your mood and immunity. Two hours of exposure outside a day will increase happiness levels by 20%. This is due to the increased exposure to natural light, and the emotional connections people form with their surroundings.

The world is changing rapidly, and trees are becoming a thing of the past. Kids who identify themselves as part of nature are less likely to grow up into adults with no remorse for slashing down trees!


Now, a trampoline like this would make them happy and healthy at the same time - being able to bounce on one while enjoying nature's beauty outside sounds like an excellent idea.

Many people view just the benefits of letting kids outdoors. Besides, they forget that they need to keep them motivated and engaged, especially as a child gets older.


  • Know your kid's feelings about being outside. 
  • What do they enjoy or dislike about being outdoors?
  • What should be their daily goals for outdoor play? 
  • What routines should they master that will assist them throughout their holistic growth? 
kids safety

How to Make Sure Kids Safety On Outdoor Play

Many parents are reluctant to let their children play outside without them. But, in order for kids to explore and have fun by themselves at a young age they need some outdoor adventures of their own!

Here is how you can make your child's independent time outdoors safer: 

  • Consider the location: Choose an area that is not too far from home or where there might be other people around. Avoid deserted areas such as abandoned buildings or empty parking lots because this increases risk unnecessarily. 
  • Plan ahead: Make sure it’s okay with your neighbors if the kids will set up play on nearby, check out any hazards (such as broken glass) beforehand so they don't end up hurt while exploring.
  • Children need to understand the risks and dangers of going out unsupervised. Explain how they can cross the street safely and many more. 
  • Parents need to set boundaries for their children, and teach them that if they disobey the rules there will be consequences. If your child doesn't know what these are yet, then it's too early for him or her to go out alone with friends.

If you're still not considering your kids to play outdoors, a backyard could be your back-up as it could be a great playground for them.

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Play Outside to Unleash a Whole Lot of Joy!

There are many benefits of outdoor recreation, including better physical health and improved sleep for young children. Outdoor spaces can be incorporated into your child care or education setting's daily schedule. So that it is not forgotten during this busy life nowadays!

As parents, you must search for new ways to provide your children with quality outdoor play experiences. At the buffalo backyard store, your child's development would be well taken care of while having fun.