Play Equipment for Small Backyards | Space Saver Playset for Mini Backyard

Many parents out there are always looking for new ways to entertain their These sets offer plenty of benefits and will keep your kids engaged all day long.

children.  One way is with a space saver playset for the mini backyard.

If you're interested in finding one, check out this post! There's plenty of information on what they are and how they work. You'll also find some helpful tips on how to create a DIY playset. So, don't wait too much longer - read it now!

These are our picks for an awesome space saver playset if you're working with limited space:

Small Backyard Swing Set

small backyard playsets

A swing set is a great outdoor toy for your kids. They can have hours of fun playing on it and it's also good exercise. There are many different types of swings to choose from, including slides, rock walls, climbing ropes, and more! 

But before you buy one, you must consider the size of your backyard. Here are our lists of space saver swing sets that would fit your needs:

1.  Ball Swing Set

The toy helps children to love and enjoy sports, play with friends or family. It is made of environmentally friendly materials that are safe for kids' health and development. The product also increases the child's communication skills through playing games together and social engagement between different people around them! Also, it will surely fit your yard because it was meant for mini backyard spaces.

2.  Rock Wall Swing Set

The most exciting part of this playhouse is the slide that goes on both sides. This idea means your kids can race each other and even have a rematch if they feel competitive! The swings also come with soft ropes, which make extra high swinging fun, perfect for burning off some energy after an active day outside!

This Naturally Playful swing set will not take up too much space as it folds down small enough to fit into any backyard or apartment! Its climbing frame is great for small spaces. It also coordinates smoothly with all our products so you can build a beautiful outdoor jungle gym with your family while outdoors!

3.  Single Swing Set

This single swing set is perfect for people with little space, as it's not too big and can be easily assembled. It comes pre-assembled, so you don't have to put anything together once you get home - unfold the legs and slide in the A-frame crossbar! Also, the sturdy hardware will hold up against any weather conditions that come your way.

4. 2 In 1 Metal Swing Set

This swing set is made of 2mm thickened steel tubes, which provides a great weight capacity. It comes with one seat and one glider for your kids to enjoy as they have many years ahead of them! The seats can be adjusted in height so it's perfect no matter the age range on this precious toy. 

This sturdy playground equipment also includes 4 ground anchors which will keep you worry-free about safety at all times while still being able to fit into even small spaces around your house or yard.

Space Saver Play Houses

small backyard playsets

This backyard playset is the perfect size if you're looking for a small and intimate experience. It's not like those old-fashioned, large playhouses that take up your entire yard! 

We have plenty of other options to choose from to find what will fit right into your space. We recommend this top pick because of its affordability and size. It offers children hours upon hours worth of entertainment with just one purchase in an affordable package.

1. Traditional Outdoor Wooden Playhouse

The Traditional Outdoor Wooden Playhouse helps children create their own world in the backyard. Moreover, its wood design compliments most yards, so parents can put it anywhere they like.

In addition, it has an arched roof that will keep the kids dry during rain, helping them appreciate the natural beauty of their surroundings. Each window provides ample light to encourage imaginative play.

Space-Friendly Water Slide 

Since we know that playtime would not be complete without a water playset for kids, we've chosen the space-friendly water slide. But don't worry, this slide is just as fun and engaging!

1. Bounce House

If you want to have hours of wet, outdoor fun, the bounce house is ideal for home entertainment and recreation activity! This compact outdoor playset is crafted of durable, puncture-resistant synthetic fabric. 

Also, it was reinforced with stitching that provides maximum strength for years of happy bouncing. You would not also worry about having limited space because you can place it anywhere outside! 

Sandbox for Small Spaces

There's nothing more important than providing your kids with a safe and fun environment when it comes to them. A sandbox would be the best small backyard toy as they provide hours of entertainment that you can monitor from inside the house!

Fun is something we all deserve, no matter how big or small our space may be. Imagine getting on building sandcastles in an open area without any worry about construction toys being scattered across the living room floor- sounds amazing, right? Well, don't wait another minute before adding this backyard toy set to your cart!

1. Solid Wood Square Sandbox with Cover

This enjoyable sandbox set is designed with a UV-resistant canopy shade to allow toddlers to play outside with protection from the sun. Also, it has A water- and UV-resistant cover to keep sand dry even when it rains! 

There are also benches on opposite sides of the sandbox made with backrests to keep kids comfortable and prevent falling backward as they play.

DIY Playsets For Mini Backyard Experience

small backyard playsets

If you don't want to spend a lot of money buying playsets, there are some pretty cool DIY backyard plays we've gathered up. They can be made from old tables, tires, and even pool noodles! 

1. Rock Wall Swing Set Idea

The DIY Rock Wall Swing Set is perfect for kids who love to climb and swing. This set includes a playhouse, rock wall, swing set with climbing ropes on the side of it. Depending on your backyard layout, the three components can be mixed in any order you like or placed separately!

2. DIY Tree Swing Set

This old-fashioned swing is adorable. With a little pressure on the rope, it swings back and forth gently in a picturesque way that can't help but put you at ease for some reason. 

The swing is so cute! And if you don't have little kids, the swing can be a great addition to your yard. It's not just décor; it also helps with some outdoor activities and games.

3. DIY Tent

This cool DIY tent would make a perfect reading nook for kids and adults. What's awesome about these is not only do they provide the ideal place to curl up with your favorite book. You can also use them as an alternative playhouse with friends. 

There will be no fighting over who gets which room because everyone has their own now!

4. PVC Fort DIY Idea

Build your playset with the excess PVC pipe you have stored down in the basement. Get creative and use various supplies to build an outdoor fort that can be used when camping, at grandma's house for holidays, or on rainy days inside! You could even make it into a secret clubhouse by adding curtains made from old sheets and blankets.

5. DIY Mound Slide

This mound slide is both a children's playground and great use of space. If you have a sloping yard, take advantage by building up the ground to create a natural climbable structure with a bonus; slides! 

Slides are as much for climbing up as they are going down, making them one of the best outside structures to build on your property. 

Create your Backyard Wonderland Today!

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