Setting up Backyard Obstacle Course for Kids

Free play is essential for the healthy development of children. When parents get too busy taking their kids outside, they should at least consider throwing kids a plastic balls like this or letting them run up and downstairs as much as possible.

Moreover, free play is necessary for healthy child development because it provides the physical activity. Kids are also exposed to sunlight to gain vitamin D and an unstructured time that allows creativity and imagination without limitations.

obstacle course for kids

Did you know that inexpensive, everyday items can be turned into an obstacle course for kids? How? Check out our list and have your kids flex their creative muscles!

Obstacle Course Ideas

1. Tightrope as Balance Beams

The last thing you want to do on a tightrope is fall off. To stay safe, try walking sideways and use your arms for balance! Or maybe it's not just about safety in the first place? If so, turn these beams into planks with nails sticking out from them at every angle possible. Some even dangling over ravines or balanced precariously between two trees. 

These backyard rope course ideas will challenge kids' coordination and make their imaginations run wild as they walk across unpredictable logs. They are also trying to get home again without falling off!

2. Stump Hurdles

Stumps can be used as hurdles in races. Have one person stand on each stump facing opposite directions with pool noodles between them. The goal is to get from your starting point (the end of the noodle) over your opponent's hurdle first! Grab some friends and use a yard line like an NFL field before racing back again. 

Watch out for those awkward moments when two people run simultaneously at full speed past one another while trying not to fall off balance – that could hurt someone! 

obstacle course for kids

3. Pool Noodles

We can use a pool noodle for various tasks, including creating an obstacle course for kids. Participants crab walk or bear crawl through hoops that are set up in rainbow colors.  

Practice movement skills like hopping on one foot and jumping through rings taped together to form different shapes. Also, throwing with giant targets made from multiple pieces of tape!

4. Ball Tag

A game of ball tag is a great way to get exercise and have fun with friends. You don't need anything fancy. Just find something that can help you interact more fully with the world around you- like any plastic balls

Try using bats, hockey sticks, or even broom handles as tools for this obstacle course plan. Don't forget about the balloon; it's perfect for those who want their workout routine upped a notch or two on both sides of things: body and brain.

5. Bean Bag Toss

Get ready to be an artist and a scientist in this fun game of bean bag toss! First, you'll need fabric for your beans or rice. Next, make the board numbered circles by painting it on cardboard with foam brushes (or use what's at home!). Then cut some smaller pieces out of scrap cloth that can fit inside each circle. 

Sew those together into little bags using sewing thread and needles - don't forget about knots because they're important if someone catches one from across the room! Now get all your paint colors mixed up, so everyone has their color. We also recommend taping down carpets under where players will stand. Also, make sure no people are standing behind them when tossing anything towards them, just if that happens.

6. Water Bottle Alley

Set up a bowling alley in your backyard with plastic water bottles. Fill them with any liquid and place them two rows apart to create pins for you to knock down using anything large enough, like balls or pot lids. It's an activity that strengthens arms while improving coordination and fine motor control skills too! 

This outside obstacle course could be as fun as you could imagine!

obstacle course for kids

7. Hop-In Hoops

Hula hoops are a great way to get kids moving and having fun. One of the most popular games you can play with them is tying one or more hula hoop(s) on an object like a tree branch, clothesline, door frame, or other household items. That way, your child would jump through it while playing to keep going where they want to go! 

You could also lay down some bungee cords/ropes near each other (or even use two ropes tied together). It creates individual spaces for children who need extra difficult tasks but is still safe.  This activity could also be the best option for a DIY backyard gym idea. 

Obstacle Course Variation

Variety is the spice of life, so try these variations to make your obstacle course more challenging:

  • Sprint through the obstacle course and then reverse to make it more in-depth. 
  • Put time limits on your run-around obstacles for a competitive element of speed! 
  • Balance an egg or marble with one hand while taking down enemies as you go through each obstacle. If they break, don't worry about cleaning up the mess. Although we know that sometimes nothing can be done when things get messy, but keep going!
  • If carrying something becomes too much during the course without giving up entirely, try switching hands. With that, both sides experience how difficult some tasks are by not using their dominant side's strength and coordination skills.

Even though our abilities vary from person to person, there is no denying that variety will always spice things up when running an obstacle!

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Reminder; Safety First!

obstacle course for kids

Before you can set up your obstacle course in the backyard, make sure that there are no sharp stones and all of the loose or broken material is cleared. You should also be wearing proper footwear when playing on wood surfaces such as wooden decking or tires. It may not offer much grip for a barefoot walker. 

However, it's important to remember that water and snow might harm kids too. So, steer children towards other activities during rainy weather periods where they might get wet feet from constant exposure to puddles around their shoes!

Lastly, before setting up any equipment outside your yard, be sure to be checked thoroughly for anything dangerous, like trees with low-hanging branches. Also, for safety reasons, always wear closed-toe footwear!

For much easier and safe obstacle course, you can include this wooden swing with slide, steering wheel and rock climbing ladder and this trampoline with safety net.

We Care!

Buffalo Backyard Store believes that being in one's backyard is a top choice for safety and the best fun. A "Do it Yourself" obstacle course will ensure your kids' excitement while also providing them with security as they have their adventure right at home!