Tips to Host an Outdoor Party Games for Kids (Backyard Celebration Ideas)

Are you planning an outdoor party for your kids this summer? We've got just the thing! Check out these awesome backyard celebration ideas that you can try on your own. Whether it's classic or creative, we have an idea to capture their attention and keep kids entertained outside long after dusk falls on those hot days in August.

But first, let's know the considerations you should keep in mind when planning a backyard birthday party.

Considerations in Planning an Outdoor Party 

summer backyard party ideas

1. Theme Ideas

You might think that kids are hard to please. Still, with a little creativity and ingenuity, you can have them loving their backyard party. Whether they're animal lovers or aristocrats, mermaids or pirates, whatever the theme of your event is- it will be an unforgettable experience for all involved!

Themes don't matter when throwing a child's birthday bash. As long as there's some time spent on details like balloons and streamers. Any kid would love having their celebration in the backyard.

2. Food, Drinks, and Themes should Match Together.

When planning a backyard birthday party, it is important to keep in mind the theme and how that affects the food and drinks choices. Don't worry too much about fancy catering or custom decorations because you can do many things at a reasonable price. You can decide what needs to be rented versus purchased with some careful consideration.

3. Weather Condition

One of the most important aspects to consider when planning an outdoor event is being sensitive to the weather. It would be best to have a backup plan if it rains because you can't always count on sunny skies and cool breezes for your big day.

We work hard at making sure we have contingency plans if the rain ever does come. Still, some things never change no matter what time or place: good company, great food, and happy memories!

Backyard Kids Birthday Party Ideas with Games 

summer backyard party ideas

The most creative party ideas are those that engage the whole group. If you're looking for some fresh ideas, take inspiration from this list of outdoor parties to find your next backyard get-together's perfect addition! 

1. Camp-Themed Party in a Wooded Backyard

With this backyard tent party idea, you can pitch a tent anywhere. But note that an area next to a fire pit with great amenities may be the perfect place. Spaces where fires are allowed, and trees grow to give your campers plenty of resources for fun activities like scavenger hunts, sack races, or flashlight tag by night! 

A crafts table stocked up on decorations will keep them busy all day long. At the same time, they work their way through these wonderful woods that have many unexpected treasures around every corner you turn.

Naturally, bugs will always come along, so don't forget to bring bug spray at this happy campsite!

2. Mermaid and Pirates Themed Pool Party 

Don't let your summer slip away without a splash; try this summer backyard party idea! Hosting an unforgettable mermaid and pirate-themed pool party will be sure to make everyone's day. Let your child choose which one they want to represent, whether that means dressing as a swashbuckling type or donning the tresses of a beautiful sea creature. Goldfish crackers are easy treats for kids while chocolates work great when you're feeling creative too!

At your pool party, it's important to be sure that everyone has fun and is kept entertained. Try setting up a bubble-blowing station or walk the plank game so people can have lots of laughs!

For extra splashing fun, put up an inflatable water slide

3. Enchanted Tea Party 

With this small backyard birthday party idea, tiny yards won't hold back the power of a little one's imagination. A tea party in the enchanted garden is a fitting theme for your little aristocrat. They'll be able to have fun without having much space, as long as you keep their table and chairs close by! If they get bored of playing with craft activities like decorating sugar cookies or making bracelets. Switch out the cloth again to look more appropriate for an afternoon dainty refreshment. 

summer backyard party ideas

4. Egg Hunt Birthday Party

If you're hosting a backyard party for the young kids, organizing an egg hunt in your garden can be lots of fun. You'll have to experiment with different sizes and layouts based on how much space you've got available. But this is one of the cheapest activities that doesn't require any material cost other than eggs!

5. Intimate Birthday Celebration at the Pergola

Add an intimate feel to your outdoor space with string lights and pergolas. Hang up strings of light bulbs in many different places, from the ground up into trees, for some extra ambiance. For that added touch, you can even add things like vines wrapped around tree limbs or hanging along fences for more personality!

If you don't have a pergola yet, check out our list of available pergolas on our website!

6. Playground-Themed Party

For a patio party idea that everyone can enjoy, set up different activities in the yard for all ages. Build an obstacle course and make seats with tablecloths to have tea parties or paint at easels; add some bouncy houses and ball pits for kids who love being active outside. For adults looking to relax, please create your bar cart on one side of the yard, so they don't need to leave their spot while watching over the little ones! 

7. Circus-themed Bash

For your kiddo's next birthday, throw them a circus-themed bash. The timeless design is colorful and loved by all! Set the party table with polka dot placemats and cutlery for that fun feel. Make sure you have plenty of games like ring toss or pin the tail on ol' Nick to get their guests in a festive mood before they tuck into tasty treats!

Why Host Outdoor Party Games for Kids?

Hosting a backyard birthday is one of the easiest events to plan. You can set it up in so many ways, from cooking out on an open grill or enjoying dinner al fresco and even setting up a playground for kids! You can also do plenty of fun activities aside from typical food and drinks, such as playing games with family members or hosting scavenger hunts. There's something available for everyone at your party!

Creating a backyard birthday party idea that is memorable and fun doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. With the help of Buffalo Backyard Store, you can plan an enjoyable day for your kids with all the necessary supplies right at our website!