Tips to Keep Your Toddler Safe in an Outdoor Swing

Your toddler will most certainly use an outdoor swing at some point, whether at the playground or in your backyard. Thus, knowing how to keep your kid safe in an outdoor swing will help them enjoy themselves while avoiding injury. 

How to Pump While on a Swing

Nonetheless, swings are designed to be a fun activity for your toddler. Still, if they're not properly maintained or used, they can offer some safety issues, so it's crucial to understand the basics of swing safety. So, the Buffalo Backyard store is here to help.

Here, we develop a comprehensive guide and tips to keep your toddler safe in an outdoor swing. Keep reading below!

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1. Choose the Appropriate Swing

Choose the Appropriate Swing

A fall from a swing can be quite dangerous. According to studies, sewing-related accidents such as falling have been linked to up to 31% of traumatic brain injury-related emergency visits in children under four. While some less serious injuries such as fractures, cuts, and bruises can also occur due to swing falls.

Choose a swing with a full bucket seat or a safety harness that incorporates a three-point harness for the best safety while your toddler is still learning to swing. These seats can keep your child from leaning too far forward or backward, putting them at risk of tumbling out.

Since toddler swings, like our 2-in-1 Convertible Portable Toddler and Children's Swing Chair, come in many forms and sizes. So, it is best to check and keep to the weight limit on the swing you're considering buying. However, If your child is rapidly developing, it may be time to upgrade to a larger swing like our Outdoor Sturdy Child Swing Seat with 2 Swings.

2. Install your Swing Correctly

Install your Swing Correctly

Follow all manufacturer requirements and instructions to ensure that your toddler's swing is installed properly. Ensure there is enough space in front of and behind your child's swing when choosing a location. Likewise, You'll have to make sure that whatever is beneath the swing is a secure landing area for your child.

The swing should be at least 6 feet from any outdoor walls, fences, or other structures in your yard and its range. Moreover, it would help to use metal anchor chains to secure the swing. However, if you have more than one swing, space them at least 2 feet apart and don't put more than two on the same structure. Lastly, use only one tire swing per structure if you're utilizing one. 

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3. Properly Examine the Swing Set

Properly Examine the Swing Set

Give your toddler's swing a routine check once-over to check for potential safety hazards to ensure it stays in good working order. Make it a practice to check it for cracks, especially if it's plastic. When you leave your swing outside, it is more likely to crack, which might result in harm. So, read
How to Protect Toys in Inclement Weather to keep your swing set in good condition.

Next, check any ropes or chains that link a toddler swing to the play structure for any loose connections. Make sure the chain is free of any frayed or loose ropes, as well as any breaks. If you see any, make sure they're fixed or replaced before allowing your child to use the swing again.

4. Safe Swinging Rules Should be Enforced

Safe Swinging Rules Should be Enforced

Set expectations with your child about swing safety and stress the importance of adhering to the regulations. Allowing your children to swing on their tummies, running and jumping into a swing without rules to follow might put them in danger of injury.

However, if your child is having difficulty following the swing safety rules (as toddlers sometimes do), they may need to take a break from the swing and engage in other outside activities instead. Swings are enjoyable, but many other activities can be done outside with your children. 

If your child isn't quite ready to follow swing safety regulations, try going for a walk around the neighborhood, blowing bubbles, or playing with a ball outside.

5. Make Sure They are Ready How to Pump While on a Swing

Make Sure They are Ready How to Pump While on a Swing

Pumping on a swing may appear to be a simple maneuver, but it isn't easy. Before a child may learn to perform anything, a few things must occur. First, make sure they are comfortable swinging on a big-kid swing type rather than a bucket-style swing. In most cases, self-pumping on bucket-style swings is far more difficult for a child.

Similarly, your child will need to maintain their balance and commit to always keeping a firm grip on the ropes or chains while seated in the seat. (Reiterate this several times.) It will take a few playground visits for her to become accustomed to the unfamiliar sensation of sitting on a swing that isn't a bucket.

Also, don't rush your child onto a conventional playground swing without a back or front because there isn't much support. Allow them to become accustomed to it and determine whether or not they are ready to proceed.

6. Swing Recalls Must Be Avoided

Swing Recalls Must Be Avoided

Product recalls can be frightening, especially when they include your kids' swing, and it can happen, so parents should be informed of safety recalls. Hence, many people discovered they had the swing in their backyards listed in recall when the recall was announced.

To avoid that from happening, you can keep up with recalls by going to the US government's recall webpage and searching for your child's swing. If your swing is part of a recall, stop using it and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

A Toddler-Friendly Swing Set Experience 

A Toddler-Friendly Swing Set Experience

Are you taking your toddler to the playground or planning to install a swing set right in your outdoor area? Surely, pumping on a swing is a terrific way for your child to have fun while exercising and practicing crucial gross motor skills with each jump, slide, and seesaw. 

Also, swings are an excellent way for a youngster to improve coordination and hone the major muscles in their arms and legs not by being pushed but by learning to pump themselves. 

At Buffalo Backyard Store, we highly promote safe, affordable, and fun outdoor experiences. Thus, our products and backyard toy sets are known for having a quality that perfectly suits your budget and kids' needs. So, what are you waiting for? Install a toddler-friendly swing set right next to your doorsteps today!