Top 5 Chicken Coop Plans for Your Backyard Makeover

You can choose from a variety of backyard chicken coop plans for your backyard makeover, each with its benefits and constraints. The amount of space available, local zoning ordinances, weather, the number of chickens you want to keep, and the maintenance to spend are all factors to consider when deciding which backyard chicken coop is great for you.

So, in this article, we will assist you in dealing with choosing the right chicken coop for you along with our top 5 chicken coop plans. Keep reading!

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choosing a chicken coop

Choosing a Chicken Coop 

Here are some considerations before putting up a Chicken Coop:

Overall Size

The tiniest chicken coop ideas have some of the cutest chickens in them. These chicken coops may be cute, but they can only hold a few chickens. As long as your flock is small, this isn't a deal-breaker, but it's something to be aware of from the start. 

So, if you need to find the perfect coop for your flock of 8-10 chickens, avoid having a coop that can only accommodate three or four of them. In addition, the size of the coop and the number of nesting areas are typically listed on the packaging.


This factor is a critical component of a well-built coop. Ventilation systems vary greatly from one building to the next. Look for a coop with multiple ventilation holes built in. The more, the better. 

In addition, take a look at the overall ventilation area during the sweltering days and nights especially. Nonetheless, you may use this Chicken Coop Electrical Heat Package at night to keep them warm. 

Space for Perching and Roosting

chicken coop nesting spot


A perching or roosting area is not the same as a nesting spot. Chickens will be able to lay eggs, perch, and roost in a well-built coop with both features. There is no need to have one perch for every chicken in the coop if space is available. Various chicken coop kits should be available in terms of overall chicken comfort.

Chicken Run

If you have limited space, a Walk-in Chicken Run may be a "must-have." A chicken run gives your chickens more room to run, stretch, and work out. To ensure that your chickens are safe, you should keep them inside at all times. Staying physically active is essential for their well-being.

Recommended Chicken Coop Plans 

As mentioned, keeping chickens in a backyard requires more than just a coop; you'll need access to the outdoors and ground contact as well. There must be a  linkage, as long as there is an enclosed coop and yard space.

With that, here are our top 5 chicken coop plans for you:

1. Confined Coop and Enclosed Run 

A Coop in a Box and an attached run, both protected from predators, are common designs. You save time by not having to open up the coop in the morning and close it at night to keep the chickens safe. Also, they're free to roam between indoor and outdoor areas as they see fit when they're outside.

Nonetheless, this is one of the most low-maintenance chicken coop designs available on the market today. Your chickens can be left for a few days if they have enough food and water, but it is still best to have anyone check on them.

However, this design may necessitate greater attention to detail when constructing the coop and run, as predators can take advantage of any design flaws. Alongside, the roof of this secured run also has a mesh so that birds cannot get in and predators can't jump in from the trees.

2. Fenced Coop Run

chicken coop fence

Walk-in fenced-in coop run
setups are ideal for those interested in keeping "free-range" chickens and relishing the daily ritual of keeping them. The coop must be safe for the hens to roost in at night, but still, it can be little more than a fence (at least 4 feet high) with a roof to keep the chickens contained.

Construction is simplified, and design options are expanded, but letting the chickens out in the morning and locking them in at night is a necessary part of the process. As with coops and enclosed runs, there are concerns about depletion of vegetation and accumulation of droppings here. However, your hens will be more vulnerable to predators without a roof.

3. Movable Chicken Coop 

As an old-fashioned lawn mower-like device, this small chicken coop is gaining popularity. The chickens can forage, peck, and fertilize the ground directly beneath the mobile coop. It can be moved to a new location with fresh ground once the resources have been depleted. However, if you're residing in an urban area, you may have to give up your entire yard to the chickens to provide them with enough fresh ground.

It takes the chickens just two or three hours to eat the vegetation in a coop. We believe this design is better suited for use on a farm, where there is ample space to move and enough time for the vegetation to regenerate before the chickens get to it again. Alongside, for easy transport, you may install Chicken Coop Wheels

4. Budget-friendly Coop 

Budget-friendly Coop

But, what if you're on a tight budget? This
Raised Fir Wood Chicken Coop is right for you! It has a nesting area, a liftable roof, and you could also attach a removable tray for easy cleaning – for a lower price! Nonetheless, the window provides extra light and air on the second level.

One or two  chickens will fit comfortably in this 44-inch by 30-inch coop. On the other hand, predators will be kept at bay by the mesh wiring, which is simple to assemble. This coop is a great option whether you're starting or expanding your flock.

5. Best Coop for Small Spaces

Using reclaimed wood and recycled materials, this Barn Style Wooden Chicken Coop Red and Grey is environmentally friendly and strong enough to withstand any weather. Waterproof products are easy to clean with a garden hose because they don't retain water, making cleanup a breeze. Nesting boxes and roosting areas are included in the 67 x 32-inch design, accommodating up to four to five chickens.

You can also purchase an expandable run  to give your chickens even more space. It's easy to be confident in this purchase because of the 1-year warranty, and the product won't warp, break, or split easily. 

Build an Excellent Backyard Makeover Through Chicken Coops!

chicken coop

The cost of a chicken coop can soar if you opt for a more unusual or endearing design. But if you're handy, you could perhaps find DIY coop plans online to build your own. Furthermore, if you can't find a new home for your chickens, you may just repurpose an old building, shed, or outdoor unit – it's up to you.

At Buffalo Backyard Store, we want to assist our customers in making the best decisions for their outdoor living areas because nothing beats food raised right in your backyard. At the same time, you'll have some alternative ways to spruce up your backyard spaces!