3 Ways to Get Your Kids to Play Then Go to Sleep (& More ‘Me’ Time!)

Being a parent comes means checking up on what your kid is doing when they're playing. But sometimes, their playtime may seem endless, and you end up not getting enough rest the whole day. 

Read on and find out three ways how to get the quiet time you deserve.

1. Let Your Kids Spend All of Their Energy

Every parent will want some 'me' time now and then. One easy step is to get your kids to take a nap after playing all day. Take note of these simple activities for your kids to get right into sleeping after playing. 

fun dress up

2. Fun Dress Up

Playing dress-up is excellent for children who have a vast imagination and will appreciate role-playing. Let your child use their imagination and try dressing up for fun. This way, your child will try and step into acting, modeling, and fashion designing. 

Of course, changing clothes can be tiring, and doing dress-ups can spend your children's energy. 

3. Set Up a Backyard Play Set

Setting up a backyard playground with a deluxe wooden swing set will get the children out of the house and enjoy the feeling of being outside. It gives them the chance to explore and improve their physical skills every day without leaving home. Or keep them occupied with this children's swing chair. Thus, kids that use up their energy finally give parents some 'me' time too.

Backyard Play Set

Let your kids make memories of a fun backyard playground with the following playground pieces: 

  • Swings
  • Slides
  • Bars
  • Rock climbing walls

Playground equipment like this deluxe wooden swing set makes kids move and have fun simultaneously. Best of all, they play in your backyard then go to sleep. Slides give the legs the proper climbing exercise. Meanwhile, bars exercise hands and shoulders.

A complete setup will encourage kids to go from one piece to another, offering a healthy dose of heart-healthy physical activity. 

nap time for kids

Why Nap Time Is Beneficial for Your Kid

Quiet time is suitable for both children and adults. There is no reason for you as a parent to feel guilty about getting quiet time for yourself and your children. Naps are essential for children to have good days and nights.

Many parents think that making their children play a lot will make them sleep better at night. That's not always the case. If they're too tired, it can worsen their mood and behavior. They often become overactive, which makes it hard for them to sleep at nighttime. At the same time, children at age 5 can stop doing naps to help them sleep easier at bedtime.

Let Them Join You on Your Quiet Time

Trying to stick to a nap schedule can be challenging for energetic children. Many kids love nap times, but some kids don't want to miss a thing and fight sleep even when they're sleepy. In this case, please don't force your kid to sleep, but get them to rest and enjoy quiet time.

Please don't force them to sleep, but rather, let them join you for some quiet time. Please encourage your child to play in their room or read books quietly. Parents will be surprised how fast silence can lead to sleep. But at least your child gets a much-needed rest even if they don't sleep.

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